The Core Values We Uphold

Akorsel Luthra


As CEO, Akorsel leads a talented, results-driven team that drives real results. After several years of working in the enterprise, Akorsel decided to create something meaningful.
He also dedicates much of his time on AE development.

Jasmine Herrera

Project Manager

As a project manager, Jasmine will be ensuring that all internal aspects of the AfterEarth move forward and progress according to its timelines.
Prior to working with AE, Jasmine served as a Director of Operations, bringing several years of management experience to our team.

Matthew Smith

Blockchain Developer

Matthew AKA CryptoKid is responsible for developing and optimizing blockchain protocol, crafting the architecture of blockchain system, developing smart contracts for NFTs using blockchain technology.
In his spare time, he provides front-end assistance to our users for anything from quick fixes to walkthroughs,.

Prabh Bajwa


Prabh serves as our Chief Technology Officer and oversees all technical aspects of the company. He actively works with AfterEarth to grow the company through the use of technological resources.
He has spent the last 6 years helping small and mid-size businesses get the best use and value from their IT infrastructure both as an on-site and remote support engineer.


Front-End Developer

As a Front-end Developer, Shreyl is responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and interact within a web application, which makes her role crucial for the success of our project.

Sarab Singh

Digital Strategist

Sarab work closely with designers, developers, and other marketing strategists as part of a cross-functional team to bring digital strategies to AfterEarth.