Introducing first hybrid metaverse, connecting centralized and decentralized world

    function burnUnsold(bytes memory _sig) public isManager {
        require(block.timestamp > CROWDSALE_END);
        uint8 mId = 5;
        bytes32 taskHash = keccak256(abi.encode(taskIndex, mId));
        verifyApproval(taskHash, _sig);
        uint currentBalance = _balances[salesWallet];
        _burn(salesWallet, currentBalance);


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LAND NFTs (ERC-721) Non-fungible Token

With each purchase of the AE Land, through the platform, the NFT is visualized as a unique and new digital asset and cannot be duplicated in any way. All information regarding the ownership of the NFT will be automatically uploaded to the blockchain, allowing full examination of records on the Polygon network with high traceability and transparency. Each of the NFTs holders will receive the interests as the $AERO Tokens, periodically.


We’ve built a metaverse
that reflects the real world.

Become a landowner in one of the largest virtual economies in existence. Buy, sell and trade virtual properties with real life addresses.
Own a land, build your dream and generate virtual estate income by holding assets or trade in our open marketplace. Become friends with fellow metaverse investors across the globe and cement your status as a virtual landowner in AE’s digital world.

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